Simpson Busts on the Feature Table

Ian Simpson

Over on the feature table in the last level, Ian Simpson three-bet an open raise of Dumitru Pora from 400 to 1,200 in the cutoff with the :::Qd:::Qh and Pora called with the :::8h:::7h in the under-the-gun position. They checked the :::Ah:::Jd:::9h flop and Pora bet the {10h} turn for 1,100, Simpson called.

After the :::Kc river, Pora checked and Simpson bet 3,500 with around 26,000 behind. Pora check-shoved for 29,300 and both players held near identical stacks. Simpson engaged in table chat with his opponent for more than two minutes and eventually flicked in the call to get shown the bad news. The stacks were counted and the Unibet Poker ambassador was covered to bow out. He will have to re-enter on Day 1c later today to get a second chance at running up a stack for day 2.

Dumitru Pora63,00041,000
Ian Simpson0-24,500