Brutal Ending for Kirilov

Krasimir Kirilov

Krasimir Kirilov opened for 60,000 from under the gun. It folded to Anton Vinokurov who three-bet jammed his chip leading stack.

Kirilov quickly called and was all in for a total of 660,000.

Anton Vinokurov: :::9s:::9c
Krasimir Kirilov: :::As:::Ac

Kirilov appeared to be in good shape to double up to a seven-figure stack. It was looking better after the :::4c:::jd:::js came on the flop and after the :::Qh appeared on the turn.

However, it was a brutal ended for Kirilov as the :::9h spiked the river to give his opponent a set. Kirilov was eliminated in 18th place for €5,290, while Vionkurov increased his chip lead to 2,865,000.

Anton Vinokurov 2,865,000 165,000
Krasimir Kirilov 0 -880,000