Wendt Doubles Up After Rollercoaster Runout

Yaron Turgeman was involved in an all-in situation with Martin Wendt. Wendt had just 170,000 left when he got it in with :::6s:::6h and Turgeman had called him with :::Kh:::Jd.

The flop was :::Td:::Ks:::8s and was very bad for Wendt. He lost the lead in the hand and was drawing to just two outs. The turn, on the other hand, was amazing for Wendt as the dealer put down the :::6c. The river was with the :::2c a blank and Wendt doubled up, but has still a short stack.

Yaron Turgeman 1,100,000 -180,000
Martin Wendt 350,000 -15,000