Byrne Eliminated by Storm-Christensen

Daiva Byrne

Fokke Beukers was eliminated a few minutes into the new level and Daiva Byrne dropped below the starting stack after clashing with Charlotte van Brabander in a medium-sized pot.

Picking up the action on the :::8s:::7h:::2d:::5d turn, Byrne checked in early position and van Brabander on the button made it 5,700 to go with the pot at 20,000 already. Byrne reluctantly called and checked again the :::2c on the river. What followed was a bet of 11,000 by van Brabander and Byrne folded with around 24,000 behind.

A few hands later, Byrne was in the big blind and faced a button raise to 3,500 by Nicolas Storm-Christensen. Byrne jammed with pocket eights in the big blind and Storm-Christensen took the flip with :::Ah:::Jh. The board came :::9c:::7s:::3d:::As{10d} and the Dane paired his ace on the turn to send Byrne to the rail.

Nicolas Storm-Christensen105,00035,000
Charlotte van Brabander70,00030,000
Fokke Beukers0-50,000
Daiva Byrne0-57,000
Lee Egan0-45,000