Cosmin Cimpeanu Eliminated in 2nd Place (€64,050)

Cosmin Cimpeanu

Cosmin Cimpeanu is eliminated as runner-up of the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest €1,100 Main Event. Cimpeanu limped the small blind with :::Qc:::3c and Anton Vinokurov checked the big blind with :::Jd:::8c.

The flop came down :::8s:::8d:::4h giving Vinokurv trips eights. Vinokurov checked and then called a bet of 325,000 from Cimpeanu.

The turn landed on the board and was the :::Kc. Both players checked this time to see the river come down on the board.

The river was the :::Qs and Vinokurov checked another time. Cosmin bet out 800,000 this time and Vinokurov moved all in after a couple of seconds. Cimpeanu ended up calling for his tournament life with just his pair of queens and that turned out to be the end of the tournament.

Anton Vinokurov 17,760,000 3,705,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu 0 -3,720,000