Cosmin Cimpeanu Eliminated in 4th Place (€32,800)

Cosmin Cimpeanu

Eli Heath raised to 250,000 first to act and Cosmin Cimpeanu three-bet to 835,000 from the small blind. Heath shoved for around 3,400,000 and Cimpeanu called for around 3,000,000 to put himself at risk.

Cosmin Cimpeanu: :::Ad{10d}
Eli Heath: :::Jh:::Jc

The board came :::Ks:::Qc:::4d:::5s:::8s and Heath sent another Romanian to the rail. Cimpeanu takes home 32,800 for his fourth place.

Eli Heath6,530,0003,135,000
Adrian Stefan Calusaru5,880,000-140,000
Traian Bostan5,685,000-170,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu0-3,550,000