Heath and Calusaru Battle

Hand 1

Eli Heath raised to 250,000 with the :::Ac{10c} and Adrian Stefan Calusaru defended the {10s}:::9s in the big blind. On the :::Ad:::8c:::3c flop both checked, Calusaru then check-folded the :::5s turn to a bet of 250,000.

Hand 2

Calusaru opened to 250,000 from the cutoff with :::Ks:::Jh and Heath three-bet to 600,000 from the button with the :::Qh:::9d, Calusaru called. On the {10c}:::4c:::2c flop, Calusaru check-called a bet of 500,000 before the {10s} turn went check, check.

Calusaru checked the :::Jc river and snap-called Heath’s bet of 700,000 with jacks and tens to claim a big pot.

Adrian Stefan Calusaru6,020,0002,750,000
Eli Heath3,395,000-2,025,000