Start of Day Chip Leader Aleksi Himanen Eliminated

Aleksi Himanen entered the day as the chip leader after starting the day with 303,000 in chips. After an initial surge of chips early on in the day to push his stack north of 400,000, his fortunes changed and he began bleeding chips.

His final demise began when Stefanita Fechete jammed from the small blind for about 200,000. Himanen tanked for a short time from the big blind before he decided to call and put his remaining stack of around 120,000 at risk.

Stefanita Fechete: :::Qh:::Jh
Aleksi Himanen: :::Ah:::2h

Himanen was slightly ahead heading into the flop but fell very behind after the :::Ts:::Qs:::Th came on the flop. Himanen’s fate was sealed after the :::8d on the turn and the :::3d on the river did nothing to improve his hand and headed to the cashier to collect the 65th place prize of €2,300.

Stefanita Fechete 327,000 300,500
Aleksi Himanen 0 -250,000