De Zutter Busts Haglund; Doubles Lecomte

Quentin Lecomte

Out of the small blind, Olof Haglund pushed with the :::Qs:::3c and Alexandre de Zutter called in the big blind with :::Ks{10s}. The board ran out {10h}:::5s:::4s:::As:::2h and Haglund’s straight on the river was meaningless, as de Zutter had turned a flush.

Then, Quentin Lecomte pushed for 77,500 from under the gun and de Zutter called in the small blind.

Quentin Lecomte: {10h}{10s}
Alexandre de Zutter: :::Ah:::Qs

This time, the board ran out in favor of the short stack as it showed :::9s:::7h:::4c:::2c:::3h.

Alexandre de Zutter370,000-60,000
Quentin Lecomte160,00060,000
Olof Haglund0-75,000