Glimne and Ciuciuc Eliminated

Dan Glimne

At almost the same time, Dan Glimne and Ovidiu Florian Ciuciuc have been eliminated. Glimne sent over his stack to Ionut-Alin Tambura to see the latter up to half a million while Ciuciuc shoved with :::Kc:::Jd from late position.

Michal Sobanski called in the small blind with :::As:::Kd and the board came :::8h:::3d:::8s:::8d:::2d to reduce the field by another player.

Ionut-Alin Tambura510,000260,000
Michal Sobanski420,000379,500
Dan Glimne0-59,000
Ovidiu Florian Ciuciuc0-119,000