Dehlia de Jong Eliminated in 50th Place

Dehlia de Jong

Hand 1

Dehlia de Jong shoved for 130,000 from the cutoff and Daniel Juul called on the button for his last 94,000.

Daniel Juul: :::Ah:::Jd
Dehlia de Jong: :::Ks:::8s

The board came :::6d:::6c:::2d:::Jh:::4c and de Jong was left with less than four big blinds.

Hand 2

William Hens raised to 20,000 and de Jong shoved for 35,000 with the :::5d:::5c. Hens called with :::Ad:::3h and the :::Ks:::9c:::9h:::Kc:::Jh counterfit the pair of the Dutchwoman to send de Jong to the rail in 50th place.

William Hens472,00042,000
Daniel Juul210,000172,000
Dehlia de Jong0-130,000