Down to 82 Players as Rusu Runs into Gavrila’s Aces

Gabriel Gavrila

Anthony Mitchell Duane, Elena Grigorescu and Florin Carmil Rusu have been eliminated in quick succession.

The exit of Rusu was a big one, after he raised to 14,000 and then four-bet shoved for massive 250,000 into the three-bet of Gabriel Gavrila. The latter snap-called on the button and turned over aces.

Florin Carmil Rusu: :::Jc:::Js
Gabriel Gavrila: :::Ac:::Ah

The board came :::Kd:::Qc:::2h:::6d:::Kh and that sent Rusu to the rail just shy of the money, while Gavrila may very well be the first player to get above one million.

Gabriel Gavrila840,000280,000
Anthony Mitchell Duane0-80,000
Elena Grigorescu0-54,000
Florin Carmil Rusu0-240,000