Di Cesare Makes Iordache Fold a Flush

The under the gun player raised to 650 and Alessio di Cesare called from one seat over. Andrei Iordache called from the button and big blind Bogdan Petra Petrascu joined from the button.

The flop came down :::Th:::Qh:::4d and it checked to Iordache on the button. He took over the lead with a bet of 925 and both Petrascu and Di Cesare called.

The turn was the :::4s and all players checked.

The :::7h river completed the board and after Petrascu checked it was Di Cesare who took over the lead for the first time in the hand by betting 4,250. Petrascu took his time to think out his seemingly tough decision but ended up announcing fold. Iordache folded quickly and Petrascu was still able to flip over his cards, showing he folded :::9h:::8h.

Andrei Iordache36,000
Alessio di Cesare34,000
Bogdan Petru Petrascu15,500