Dinner Break for the Second Half of the Field

On the :::As:::Qs:::7d flop, Chris Dowling checked in under the gun and called a bet of 8,500 by Apostol Beg in the cutoff. The :::Kh turn went check, check, and Dowling then bet 10,000 on the :::4d river. Beg was deep in the think tank and minutes into the 15-minute break for the tables 1-11, the clock was called on him.

Beg was given 30 seconds to act and he called during that time frame to see Dowling roll over :::Ac:::6c, Beg had :::Ah:::5h and they chopped it up before heading into their 75-minute dinner break. In the meanwhile, Scott "Sco" McMillan and Sophia "Djarii" White had walked over to the table to talk with Unibet Poker ambassador Ian Simpson, and they will return to action soon after finishing their own dinner break already.

Barrie Pietersz119,00014,000
Bjorn Kadgien99,0009,000
Quentin Lecomte80,00051,500
David Lappin75,00040,000
Ian Simpson70,000-17,000
Apostol Beg60,000-8,000
Chris Dowling45,0002,000
Lisa Vannatta26,000-4,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad26,000-14,000
Alan Widmann24,000-8,000