“I wonder how you do it, Richie”

Three-ways to the :::Ks:::Qs:::Qc:::5c turn, Peter Curry checked in the small blind and Pierre de Montesquiou in the big blind made it 7,800 to go. Richard O’Neill called in the hijack and Curry also stuck around. The {10h} on the river was then checked to O’Neill and he bet 10,000, Curry shrugged and called, and de Montesquiou tossed in a single chip for the call, too.

O’Neill rolled over :::Qd{10d} for the full house, de Montesquiou mucked :::Qh:::Js in disgust and Curry flashed :::Kh:::Jh.

"I wonder how you do it, Richie," another player at the table remarked, and O’Neill replied towards Curry and de Montesquiou with "you owed me a few chips anyways" as he dragged in the healthy pot.

Peter Curry105,000-20,000
Richard O’Neill100,00050,000
Pierre de Montesquiou80,000-30,000