Djarii, Sco and Svennoss on the Rail

Sophia "Djarii" White

Scott "Sco" McMillan had just busted, having nursed a very short stack for quite some time, and his girlfriend Sophia "Djarii" White ran out of chips only moments later.

White had opened to 2,200 and Padraig O’Neill three-bet from two seats over, White then four-bet all in for 25,000 and O’Neill called.

Sophia White: :::Ad:::Qh
Padraig O’Neill: :::Jh:::Js

The board ran out :::6s:::4d:::3d:::2h:::3h and that was it for "Djarii." To make things even worse for the esports gamers, Sven “Svennoss” Edelenbosch departed just a minute later from one table over to ensure a triple strikeout.

Padraig O’Neill70,00047,000
Sophia White0-19,500
Scott McMillan0-11,200
Sven Edelenbosch0-40,000