Tompkins Thriving; Mc Cleery Eliminated

Jason Tompkins flopped a set to score a big pot against John Keown and Jayson Mc Cleery departed soon after from the very same table. Mc Cleery had raised to 2,500 and Greg King from one seat over three-bet to 8,600. Mc Cleery jammed for around 27,000 and was snap-called.

Jayson Mc Cleery: :::Jh:::Js
Greg King: :::Qc:::Qd

The board came :::Ad{10c}:::4h:::3c:::5c and that was it for the American.

Paul Leckey was also on the ropes and at risk for just 8,100 with the :::Ks{10c}, but big stack Bjorn Kadgien and his :::Ac:::Qc remained only ahead until the turn of a board :::Js:::8h:::3s:::4c:::Kh.

Bjorn Kadgien100,0001,000
Jason Tompkins98,00049,000
Greg King95,00075,000
John Keown32,000-18,000
Paul Leckey20,000-22,000
Jayson Mc Cleery0-31,000