Dohany Chips Up

On the tail end of a board that showed :::As:::Qc:::5h:::8d:::Jd, Gilles Segers in the big blind bet 725 out of the big blind with the pot at around 1,000. His sole opponent was Kalman Dohany and he opted to raise to 1,750 from middle position. Segers gave it some thought and called, but mucked when Dohany showed :::Kh{10d} for the nut straight.

Dohany lost some of his profit shortly after when he paid off a bet of 600 by Matija Bicanic on an ace-high board. Bicanic held :::Ac:::2c for turned two pair and Dohany mucked the :::As for top pair.

Kalman Dohany32,000
Matija Bicanic31,000
Gilles Segers28,000