First Faces in the Field

Among those to be in their seats right after the cards got underway were two-time Unibet Open champion Mateusz Moolhuizen, Hans de Hond, Markus Heikkila, and Georgios Tavoularis. Another familiar face of the poker scene was seated on Moolhuizen’s table in Kevin Mathers, known to most poker players by his online alias "Kevmath" – the most reliable source on social media when it comes to everything poker related.

Mateusz Moolhuizen30,00030,000
Kevin Mathers30,00030,000
Hans de Hond30,00030,000
Markus Heikkila30,00030,000
Georgios Tavoularis30,00030,000
Katsuhiro Muto30,00030,000
Amanda Sidark30,00030,000
Adrian Nica30,00030,000
Fokke Beukers30,00030,000
Emil Brunnberg30,00030,000