Dowling Eliminated by Ellis

Chris Dowling

The action started with a raise to 17,000 by Joseph Ellis and Thomas Fitzgerald made it 40,000 to go on the button. Chris Dowling four-bet all in for around 180,000 in the big blind and Ellis jammed over the top. Fitzgerald asked for a count, but once it was deemed to be for 275,000, he quickly folded.

Chris Dowling: :::Ad:::Qs
Joseph Ellis: :::Kh:::kc

"Did you fold an ace?" Dowling asked and Fitzgerald shook his head. The board came {10d}:::8d:::6c:::7c:::7d and Dowling was sent to the rail.

Thomas Fitzgerald590,00060,000
Joseph Ellis500,000245,000
Chris Dowling0-240,000