Rabany Eliminated

Over on the feature table, Pascal Rabany was all in with the :::Ac:::9c and John Farrell had him dominated with the :::Ah:::Jh. The board came :::Qh:::4h:::5d:::2c:::7h and Farrell remained best, even rivered the nut flush for good measure.

Further action ensured on the outer tables. Paul Jux Holderness doubled Peter Cahill for 57,000 with :::Ac:::Qc versus :::6s:::6h after failing to connect with the :::5h:::5d:::2d{10h}:::7h board.

Last but not least, Markus Heikkila doubled through Julien Kron with :::Kc:::9c versus :::Jd:::Jh when he spiked the overcard on the :::Qh:::Qs:::7s:::6c:::Kh board.

John Farrell640,00051,000
Julien Kron430,000-30,000
Benny Glaser350,000100,000
Markus Heikkila175,00055,000
Paul Jux Holderness140,000-40,000
Peter Cahill120,00010,000
Pascal Rabany0-172,000