Early Bustout Bonanza

Dara O'Kearney

Antti Tinainen doubled with ace-king versus ace-jack and then bowed out before Andrei Dobrescu was eliminated by Traian Bostan when he shoved with :::Ad:::Kh and Bostan called with :::9c:::6c. The board came :::Qh:::9d:::3s:::6h:::Qd and that was it for Dobrescu.

"Sixty-nine, nice," Toni Judet joked and earned smiles from the entire table.

Stefan Drusca won a flip with :::9c:::9d against the :::Ks:::Qs of Iulian Bleau and that reduced the field further.

In the meanwhile, Dara O’Kearney won his first two all in. First he flopped a boat with :::Qs:::Qh versus :::Ac:::2s on a board :::Ah:::As:::Qd:::4h:::Jc. Then he also held up with pocket fours and climbed to 20,000. Because of the bustout bonanza, he turned three eighth of a big blind into a pay jump … the grand master of short stack nursery strikes again.

Stefan Drusca730,000141,000
Dara O’Kearney20,00017,000
Nikolay Ponomarev0-63,000
Tomas Ksenevicius0-91,000
Iulian Bleau0-136,000
Andrei Dobrescu0-26,000
Antti Tiainen0-108,000