Widmann and Byrne Chip Up

Alan Widmann doubled in dramatic fashion with :::6h:::6d versus :::Ad{10s} on a board of {10d}:::5h:::3d:::5s:::6c and soon after another all in showdown took place.

Daiva Byrne was all in for 19,000 with :::Ac{10s} against the :::As:::Qh of Eirik Lunde and the :::Jc:::Jd of Pavel Alexandru.

"No worries, there will be two tens on the flop," Widmann joked and he was right. However, Byrne had to settle for a chop on :::Ad{10d}{10h}:::Ah:::3s.

Alan Widmann140,00068,000
Daiva Byrne40,00017,000