Easy Come, Easy Go

After a flop of {10d}:::9d:::4d, Luciana Manolea check-raised all in from the hijack against Constantin Cosmin after facing a bet worth 20,000 and Cosmin quickly called.

Constantin Cosmin: :::Jd:::Js
Luciana Manolea: :::Ac{10h}

The :::Jc turn and :::Qh river let Cosmin double for 108,000 and he took more than half of Manolea’s stack.

Alexandre de Zutter then arrived at this table and opened to 9,000. Fellow Frenchman Quentin Lecomte shoved for 79,500 and de Zutter mucked the :::4c:::4h.

Alexandre de Zutter275,000-60,000
Constantin Cosmin250,00069,500
Quentin Lecomte100,00030,500
Luciana Manolea70,000-130,000