Elisei Wins Big Pot Against Zainescu

Florin Ciprian Elisei

Florin Elisei sat in the small blind and Carmen Zainescu had raised from the big blind to 155,000. Elisei called the bet to see the :::Ac:::Qs:::Jc flop appear.

Elisei checked to the winner of the #QueenRules Ladies Event and she continued with a bet of 105,000. Elisei called the bet again to see the :::7h turn card.

This time Elisei check-called a bet of 140,000 to see the :::Td river and both players checked this time.

Elisei opened up :::Ad:::7s and although Zainescu knew she lost she tossed her :::Ah:::2h in the middle.

Elisei has now well over two million chips.

Florin Elisei2,550,0001,450,000
Carmen Zainescu610,000-415,000