First Break of Day With 76 Remaining

In the first two levels of the day, nearly 50 players have been eliminated and just 76 remain with the top 47 spots getting paid.

Ricardo Klassen three-bet all in against a raise to 7,100 by Raiko Vannas and a call by Julien Kron, and Vannas reshoved with :::Ac:::Jc. Klassen had the :::8d:::5d and flopped a pair, then made a flush for good measure on the :::8h:::6s:::3d:::Qd{10d} board.

The first 15-minute break of the day has already kicked off and the T-100 chips will get raced off.

Raiko Vannas120,000-30,000
Ricardo Klassen65,00035,000
Michael Tucknott0-110,400
Alexandre Poux0-78,300
Ovidiu Tureac0-137,600
Emmett Mullin00