Two Double Ups in a Row

Ricardo Klassen raised to 6,500 in the hijack and Ivan Tononi three-bet to 19,000 in the cutoff. Raiko Vannas four-bet all in for 62,800, Klassen moved all in over the top and Tononi folded.

Vannas had the :::Ah:::Ac and Klassen was in need of help with :::Qc:::Qh in order to avoid a big blow to his stack. On the :::Ad:::6c:::5d flop, even that narrow hope vanished and Klassen shook his head even before the :::4s turn and :::8s river completed the board.

One hand later, Antoine Vranken doubled for 27,300 with :::Ks:::Kh against the :::Qc:::Js of Tononi. Moments later, the remaining 45,000 of the Italian vanished and Tononi hit the rail.

Julien Kron200,000-120,000
Nicolas Torossian200,00065,000
Raiko Vannas150,00082,100
Antoine Vranken60,000-15,000
Ricardo Klassen30,000-93,000
Ivan Tononi0-90,000