Fleur Doubles Through Tellving

Henrik Tellving opened to 20,000 and called a shove from Alexis Fleur for his last 127,000.

Henrik Tellving: :::ad:::jd
Alexis Fleur: :::ad:::ks

Tellving was dominated, and after an unremarkable :::8d:::th:::5c:::3s:::4s runout he handed over chips to Fleur who moved back above 250,000 in chips.

Christophe Charlet725,000290,000
Benjamin Davo685,000635,000
Michael Erbil570,000290,000
Henrik Tellving410,000-70,000
Boyd Voet300,000140,000
Alexis Fleur260,000106,000
Alban Juen205,00029,000
Clemente Carreira150,000-20,000