Game Over for Rotterdam

Alexandru Palievici called a raise to 14,000 by Steven Vollers while Kevin van der Kooi had already been all in for 1,000 first to act and the :::Qc:::Qh:::6d flop brought a check-fold of Pollers.

Palievici turned over :::Jc{10c} and van der Kooi held the :::Ad:::Qs for trips aces. The :::2d turn and {10s} river were blanks and van der Kooi chipped up to 10,000. There was just one problem … he was in the big blind the next hand and he had to post the 5,000 big blind ante, forced all in once more.

"No shame in folding," the Dutchman joked to Razvan Bizera in the small blind, as everyone had folded already. Bizera filled up and the cards were turned over once again.

Kevin van der Kooi: :::7h:::4d
Razvan Bizera: :::Js:::9d

The board came :::Kc{10d}:::5c:::Jc:::4c left van der Kooi drawing dead and he was eliminated. Mariusz Niski fell at the same time and that reduced the field to the last 49.

Steven Vollers510,0000
Razvan Bizera490,0000
Kevin van der Kooi00
Mariusz Niski00