Govedic Doubles to the Chip Lead

Dejan Govedic

Fabio Miranda opened to 42,000 from the hijack and Dejan Govedic called on the button. Martin Gallagher three-bet to 155,000 from the big blind and Miranda folded.

Govedic had different plans and shoved all in for 725,000. Gallagher snap-called it off to create the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

Martin Gallagher: :::Th:::Tc
Dejan Govedic: :::Ac:::Qd

The poker gods smiled on Govedic as he hit his ace in the window: :::Ah:::6h:::6s:::9c:::4d. Gallagher was left with 375,000 after the hand.

Dejan Govedic 1,520,000 743,920
Martin Gallagher 375,000 -541,000