Jose Rubiogamito Eliminated in 18th Place (£3,880)

Jose Rubiogamito

Jose Rubiogamito open-shoved 290,000 from the small blind and Kevin Barden called from the big blind.

Jose Rubiogamito: :::Ad:::5s
Kevin Barden: :::Kd:::Qc

Rubiogamito had just 35,000 more than Barden and lost the hand after Barden found a king on :::Ks:::6c:::9d:::5d:::Jc. Two hands later, Rubiogamito lost his last blinds with :::Kc:::8s against :::Ac:::4s, making him the 18th place finisher.

Kevin Barden 530,000 235,000
Jose Rubiogamito 0 -320,000