Grecu Cements Lead

The action on the outer table has slowed down and the only bigger pot as of lately left Cristian Grecu with the head shaking, even though he claimed the chips. What had happened? Grecu had flopped top set with :::Qd:::Qh in the big blind but his opponent checked behind the river.

Grecu climbed up to around 1.5 million in chips and Razvan Sabau is the only other chip millionaire on the outer table.

Cristian Grecu1,500,000150,000
Razvan Sabau1,250,00050,000
Corentin Ropert800,000-75,000
Stefan Drusca700,000-70,000
Oerjahn Winther600,000-75,000
Catalin Moraru600,00063,000
Marius Gicovanu400,000-100,000