Hakala Leaves Glaser in Trouble

Ville Hakala raised to 10,000 and Emil Brunnberg called from one seat over. Benny Glaser moved all in for around 110,000 and Hakala asked for his stack size before calling all in for 88,000, Brunnberg folded.

Hakala showed the :::Ah:::Kd and Glaser had a flip with :::8s:::8d. The board came :::Kc:::Qh:::2h:::7s:::Ks and Hakala’s trips kings left Glaser in big touble.

Mick McCloskey330,000186,000
Julien Kron320,00040,000
Ville Hakala190,00090,000
Quentin Lecomte185,00061,000
Emil Brunnberg140,00082,200
Jack Sinclair75,000-95,000
Benny Glaser20,000-85,000
Apostol Beg0-87,500
Rune Torbla0-99,300