Soren Hansen Eliminated in 9th Place (DKK 56,100)

Soren Hansen

Soren Hansen raised to 90,000 on the button with :::Tc:::9s and Peter Harkes defended his big blind with :::Ad:::6c. The :::Ac:::6h:::3d flop was fantastic for Harkes. The Dutchman checked, Hansen bet 75,000 and Harkes called.

The turn was the :::Ks and Hansen was officially drawing dead. Harkes checked, Hansen tried to take it with a second barrel of 225,000 and Harkes called again.

The river brought the :::Jh. Harkes checked a third time and Hansen emptied the clip with a 685,000 shove. Harkes, with 595,000 behind, thought around a minute before making the correct call with his two pair.

Hansen was left with just three big blinds after the hand. In the next hand, he committed those from the cutoff with :::Jd:::8h. Harkes wanted to finish the job with :::Ks:::3h from the blinds and did so on a :::Ts:::5c:::2s:::6c:::Qs board. Hansen received DKK 56,100 for his ninth place finish.

Peter Harkes 2,230,000 1,130,000
Soren Hansen 0 -1,020,000