Jes Bondo Eliminated in 10th Place (DKK 50,000)

Jes Bondo

Peter Harkes raised to 80,000 on the button and Jes Bondo three-bet shoved 536,000 from the small blind.

"Ok, I call." said Kaarel Lepik in the big blind and Harkes folded.

Jes Bondo: :::Qc:::Qd
Kaarel Lepik: :::Ad:::Ah

It was a cooler for Bondo, who missed out on the final table after the board ran out :::4h:::4d:::3c:::8s:::3d. The Dane collected DDK 50,000 in winnings.

Kaarel Lepik 1,800,000 770,000
Jes Bondo 0 -584,000