Hedelin and Manolea Bust to de Zutter

One hand after the beat to his stack, Alexandre de Zutter not only recovered but build his stack further than before after knocking out Bo Joakim Hedelin and Luciana Manolea. Hedelin had shoved for just 16,000 and de Zutter reshoved the small blind, Manolea called all in from the big blind.

Bo Joakim Hedelin: :::Ks:::Kd
Luciana Manolea: {10h}:::8s
Alexandre de Zutter: :::As:::5s

The board came :::Jh{10d}:::Jd:::5h:::Ac to give de Zutter the best hand and eliminate both opponents.

Alexandre de Zutter720,000140,000
Bo Joakim Hedelin0-42,000
Luciana Manolea0-90,000