Malinovski Wins with big Quads

The last hand of the previous level provided hefty fireworks, as Nikita Malinovski and Alexandre de Zutter clashed with their big stacks. Malinovski raised, de Zutter three-bet and Malinovski then four-bet to 91,000 to pick up a call.

On the :::6d:::6h:::4h flop, Malinovski bet 53,000 and de Zutter called before the :::7s fell on the turn. Malinovski now check-raised from 101,000 to 206,000 and called the push of de Zutter.

Nikita Malinovski: :::As:::6s
Alexandre de Zutter: :::Ah:::Ks

the :::6c river even gave the Russian quads and he doubled for massive 451,000, leaving de Zutter short.

Nikita Malinovski1,200,0001,060,000
Alexandre de Zutter120,000-600,000