Heiene Shoves on Winsor

The player under the gun called for 600 as did Marius Heiene from the cutoff before Ben Winsor raised it up to 2,600 from the button.

Unibet esports player Mario ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ Joos called from the big blind, as did the other two players involved.

The flop fell :::3c:::2d:::9s, and Winsor bet 4,000 after the action checked through to him.

Only Heiene called, and they went heads-up to the :::9c turn card.

At this point, Heiene moved all in for 28,000, and Winsor doubled checked his cards sat with a 60,000 stack.

Winsor studied the board for 30 seconds but ultimately decided to fold.

Mario ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ Joos 70,000 0
Ben Winsor 60,000 -1,000
Marius Heiene 45,000