Svendsen Doubles Through Doan

The flop was down :::ac:::2c:::9h with 13,000 in the pot, and Andreas Svendsen checked from the small blind.

Thanh Doan bet 5,000 from early position, and Svendsen called.

The turn fell the :::4c and both players checked to see the :::8s river.

Svendsen moved all in for 22,000 and Doan called after 20 seconds of thought.

Svendsen flipped over :::9d:::9s for a set, and Doan mucked :::ah:::8h.

The pot moved in the direction of Svendsen, and he moved up to 65,000, with Doan left on 25,000.

Andreas Svendsen 65,000
Thanh Doan 25,000