Helgevold on the Rebound

Elektro Helgevold

It’s been a tough start for the man with an electrifying name as Elektro Helgevold from Norway found himself down to around 10,000 chips after the first level. The blinds are still small enough that he still has plenty of chips to work with, however.

Francis Vandendriessche opened to 300 in middle position and Helgevold three-bet to 900 from the small blind. Vandendriessche called and the flop fell :::jd:::tc:::5h.

Helgevold checked to Vandendriessche who bet 800 and Helgevold called. The turn was the :::ks and both players checked to the :::5s on the river. Helgevold tossed in a bet of 1,000 and Vandendriessche laid his hand down.

Francis Vandendriessche35,70035,700
Elektro Helgevold13,200-16,800