Potocki Shoves the Turn

Damian Potocki

Mark Rink raised it up from the hijack and Paul Kristoffersson stuck in a three-bet from the cutoff. Damian Potocki four-bet from the small blind and the action folded back to Kristoffersson who called.

The flop fell :::9c:::9d:::8s and Potocki led out for 4,500. Kristoffersson called and the :::2c landed on the turn. Potocki moved all in for 17,600, enough to cover Kristoffersson’s remaining stack of 15,800 chips. Kristoffersson thought for a moment but decided to concede the pot to Potocki.

Damian Potocki40,000
Paul Kristoffersson15,800-14,200