Hendriks Gets Value

Arkadiusz Olszowy limped from middle position as did the player in the small blind. Alex Hendriks sat in the big blind and he raised to 1,400. Olszowy called, but the player in the small blind folded his hand.

The flop was :::2s:::4c:::4d and Hendriks continued with a bet of 800. Olszowy raised to 2,200 and Hendriks called him.

Both players checked when the :::8c turn card was dealt and they saw the :::3c river complete the board. Hendriks took the lead again with a bet of 5,000 and Olszowy called within seconds.

Hendriks showed :::Ac:::Ks for the nut flush and he took the pot down with that.

Alex Hendriks 36,000 11,000
Arkadiusz Olszowy 21,000