Value for Suliman With the Nuts

The under the gun player at table 42 raised to 700 and Yaaqov Suliman called the bet. Karl Stark three-bet to 2,800 the initial raiser folded. Suliman opted to go for the call and threw enough chips in the middle to call the bet.

The flop was :::Td:::9c:::Qd and both players checked. The turn was the :::6d and Suliman took over the betting lead by firing out 2,500. Stark called to see the :::5c river card appear on the board. Suliman fired another bet, but this time of 5,000, leaving himself with just 6,400 behind. Stark took a minute before calling.

Suliman opened up :::Kc:::Jc for the nuts and Stark mucked his cards.

Yaaqov Suliman27,700-7,300
Karl Stark24,700