Ionescu Eliminated by Scobai

Bogdan Ionescu

Silviu Scobai got a bunch of his chips in the middle to put Bogdan Ionescu preflop at risk. Ionescu had the better hand as he opened up :::As:::Tc and Silviu Scobai needed to hit something with :::Kd:::8s to bust Ionescu.

The flop was :::Jc:::Qs:::8d and Scobai had indeed hit on the flop to take over the lead. The turn, however, was the :::9s to give Ionescu the lead back as he hit a straight. The river was the unfortunate :::Ts which gave Scobai the better straight to eliminate Ionescu.

Fredrik Bergmann is also seated at the table of Scobai. Bergmann and David Lappin are right now the only remaining Unibet Poker Ambassadors left in the tournament.

Silviu Scobai 420,000 50,000
Fredrik Bergmann 110,500 -47,000
Bogdan Ionescu 0 -161,000