Jakub Groblewski Eliminated in 8th Place (€9,000)

Jakub Groblewski

David Schable raised to 100,000 first to act and Jakub Groblewski three-bet to 340,000 with his usual one big blind behind. Groblewski asked for a count on the bet, then moved all in and received a snap-call.

Jakub Groblewski: :::Ah:::Ac
David Schable: {10d}{10c}

The :::Ad:::Qc:::Jd flop improved Groblewski to top set, but Schable now had a gutshot. A blank :::6h turn changed nothing, but the :::Ks river gave Schable a straight and eliminated Groblewski in 8th place for €9,000 with a bad beat story to tell.

David Schable1,740,000610,000
Jakub Groblewski0-500,000