Janssens Loses Big Flip

Jordy Janssens

Jordy Janssens, better known as "MojoOnPC", sat down in the Main Event and got in a huge pot right away. Stefan Razvan Magda raised from the under the gun position to 500 and it folded all the way around to big blind Janssens. He decided to go for a three-bet and put 3,300 in the middle. Magda raised all in for 29,525 and Janssens called.

Jordy Janssens: :::Ad:::Kc
Stefan Razvan Magda: :::Js:::Jh

The board ran out :::4c:::4h:::4d:::2s:::Tc and Janssens was left short with just 1,500 chips.

Stefan Razvan Magda60,00060,000
Jordy Janssens6,0006,000