Jantunen Triples Up

Henri Jantunen was down to just 10 big blinds and he moved all in for 8,000 in middle position. Maxime Chilaud called on the button and Nicolas Storm also came along from the small blind.

The flop came :::8d:::3s:::2c and Storm led out for 7,800. Chilaud called to create a side pot and the :::4s landed on the turn. Storm shoved all in and Chilaud had a decision to make for the rest of his stack. He thought for a minute and then laid his hand down.

Storm turned over :::qc:::qd but Jantunen flopped a set with :::8s:::8h. The river was the :::3c and Jantunen earned a triple up while Storm took the side pot.

Nicolas Storm63,500-4,500
Maxime Chilaud32,900
Henri Jantunen25,600