Joelsson Getting Short

Hugues Mazerolle opened to 1,700 from early position and Mathias ‘casinodaddy’ Joelsson defended from the big blind. The flop fell :::tc:::6c:::4h and Joelsson started with a check. Mazerolle continued for 1,500 and Joelsson check-raised to 4,500. Mazerolle responded by shoving all in and Joelsson was forced to fold with just over 15,000 chips left.

Just a few moments earlier, Damian Potocki who built up a stack earlier in the day saw his chips diminish as he headed to the rail. Krisztina Polgar appeared to be the bearer of the chips as she has over 100,000 racked up for the first time today.

Hugues Mazerolle108,00018,000
Krisztina Polgar101,500
Mathias Joelsson15,700-24,500
Damian Potocki0-57,500