Jason Tompkins Eliminated in 10th Place (€5,390)

Jason Tompkins

It folded to Steven Vollers in the small blind and he shoved his stack of about 500,000. That covered Jason Tompkins in the big, and he hit the tank for several minutes before finally putting in the call.

It was a decent spot for Tompkins, as he had :::Ad:::7c against the :::Th:::9h of Vollers, but the board of :::5h:::Jd:::Ah:::7h:::9d was unkind to Tompkins, and his day was done in 10th place for €5,390.

Alex Hendriks1,315,000415,000
Samuel Baneham1,245,000860,000
Ciaran Burke1,200,000400,000
Jamie Nixon1,140,000160,000
Steven Vollers960,00065,000
Wim Anne Wesselink930,000280,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad745,000-40,000
Martin Olali645,000-165,000
Weijie Zheng645,000-805,000
Jason Tompkins0-295,000