Joostens and Lunde Depart

Eirik Lunde

Lennaert Joostens lost a flip with ace-king against the {10h}{10s} of Marius Gicovanu and became the next casualty.

He was followed by Eirik Lunde, who ran out of chips on the feature table. Lunde with :::Js{10s} clashed with Bogdan Sovaiala, who held :::Ah:::Kc. Lunde flopped two pair on :::Qh:::Jh{10d}, but Sovaiala had the nut straight already. The :::2h turn and :::Ks river failed to keep Lunde in the running and then there were 29 players remaining.

Marius Gicovanu410,000276,000
Bogdan Sovaiala270,00045,000
Eirik Lunde0-77,000
Lennaert Joostens0-150,000